Roofers Local #195 

Fund Office

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Online Payment for Union Dues & COBRA Premiums

Union Dues - Online Payment Center

Cobra Health Insurance Premiums - Online Payment Center

Health Related Enrollment and Claim Forms

Aetna Group Enrollment Form

Individual Account Plan Claim Form 

IAP Claim Workbook (Helps you to calculate & organize your receipts)



AETNA RX Drug Claim Form

Appeals of Adverse Benefits Determinations


Primary, Secondary and Spousal Insurance Information Forms

Coordination of Benefits Questionaire & Spousal Insurance Information Form

Spousal Insurance Option Election/Rejection Form

Adult Dependent Enrollment Certification Form

Dependent Child Coordination of Benefits Form

Release of Information Forms

Roofers Fund Office - Appointment of Personal Representative Form

HIPPA Privacy Notice


 Miscellaneous Forms

Dental & Vision Benefits Termination Notice

Member Information Card

Notice of Privacy Policy

 Participant's Designation of Beneficiary Forms

(Please note that all Beneficiary forms must be notarized to be considered legal)

Beneficiary Forms Instructions

 Pension Related Information & Forms

National Roofing Industry Pension Plan

Electronic Pension Transfer Authorization

Retiree's Update Verification Letter

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Listing

Aetna Inc.

AETNA RX - Prescription Benefits Information 

AETNA Pharmacy Information

Roofers Local #195 
Summary Plan Description Booklets

Health Benefits Summary Plan Description

Summary of Health Benefits and Coverage

Pension Benefits Summary Plan Description

Annuity Benefits Summary Plan Description

Links of Interest:

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Aetna Provider Search

Web MD Health

New York State of Health Insurance - Marketplace Health Insurance

The Uniform Glossary per the Department of Labor

IRS Medical and Dental Expenses Publication 502 (Qualifying Medical Expenses per the IRS)

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